Young Authors Program

The LEGENDS & KIDS® “Young Authors Program”, is truly art in education which at its most creative and fun level, it is intended to introduce the arts of creative writing, drama, illustration and storytelling. The objective of this Program is to enhance creativity through the art of writing and to stir the imagination of the students in order to build creative literacy. The program aligns with the Comprehensive Curriculum and requires parental involvement as well as has a cross-generational component with pre and post testing for quality assessment. The students began the writing process with an authoring technique, called pre-writing, and a teaching technique, called four-square writing, which assists in developing the story.

Impact – While the school systems may have arts programming in its high schools, there is minimal structured arts education in elementary and middle schools. This writing and visual arts project will have a great impact on students, teachers, principals, superintendents and the community.

NFL Alumni’s Dr. Joseph Profit, is the president of Youth United For Prosperity, Inc. a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to create social, civic, business and academic environment, which will build a stronger America by mobilizing our communities to improve people’s lives. As a result it produces socially conscious, responsible, educated and positive youth. It also develops unique conditions in diverse communities by helping children succeed, strengthening and supporting families, promoting self-sufficiency, and building vital and safe neighborhoods.